Brian Tosh Joins Finatic

FINATIC™ ANNOUNCES SPONSORSHIP OF PUERTO RICAN SURFER BRIAN TOTH The Finatic™ Fin Testing Program™ reaches out to surfers in Puerto Rico


BRANDON, Florida (Aug. 7, 2013)—The Surfboard Warehouse, Inc. has added Puerto Rican phenom Brian Toth to their Finatic™ team. This news comes just months after they announced the signing of their first Finatic™ teamrider CJ Hobgood. Chris Hough, founder and owner of and creator of Finatic™, is blown away by the response the Finatic™ Fin Testing Program™ has had in the few months since signing CJ and now he’s hoping Finatic™ will capture the Puerto Rican market with the signing of Toth. “Brian Toth is going to make a great addition to the team,” said Hough. “Finatic™ works well for guys in Puerto Rico, surfers there have a variety of conditions thrown at them; beach breaks, reef breaks and points. The guys in Puerto Rico need the ability to dial in their equipment for different boards and different conditions and Brian’s the guy to help us bring the Finatic™ Fin Testing Program™ to them.” Brian added, “I’m so stoked to become a part of the Finatic™ family and get my fins dialed! I’m right there with Chris and CJ, I believe we’re on the verge of a fin revolution and Finatic™ has set the stage like nothing I’ve seen! Puerto Rico, meet Finatic™.”

The Surfboard Warehouse has just finished redesigning the Finatic™ programming, making it much more visual, highlighting all the fins from FCS, Futures, Kinetik, Fin-S, Rainbow and Turbo Tunnel much better. With the new look it’s easier to sort, browse and decide which fins you want to test. On a side note, Finatic™ has just this week come to an agreement with 3D-Fins, so now Finatic™ members also have the ability to choose from every Fin 3D-Fins has to offer and see one of their choices arrive to them within a few days. “3D-Fins is taking a different approach to fin technology and fin foils with their dimpled fins, which translates to more speed and drive,” said Hough. “I believe the public consensus on 3D Fins is, ‘that’s great but will they really enhance my surfing?’ Here at The Surfboard Warehouse we believe they will, but having them available in our Finatic™ Fin Testing Program™ means anyone will be able to find out for themselves.”

The Finatic™ Fin Testing Program™ is a subscription based service that operates much like Netflix. Once a Finatic™ member has chosen the fins they want to test, they’ll see one or two (depending on membership level) of those sets show up in the mail within a few days. Whenever they’re ready to test a different set they just send the fins back in the prepaid return envelope, update their queue online and wait for their next set to show up. Finatic™ offers Basic, Premium and Platinum level memberships that each offer different price points and different perks. The Surfboard Warehouse is currently offering the Finatic™ Basic membership at $0.99 for the first month for new members.

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